Friday, January 1, 2010

This will be

the last blog I post, for simple reasons, I'll explain it :]

I made this blog to get out my emotions, to get things off my mind, it worked! I felt much less stressed out, it helped me through a lot.
But now... I don't need it, there isn't anything I'm upset about anymore, or confused about, I don't have to sit here and post things about me being happy or sad, because at this point, I don't need to explain it anymore.
If you know me... you'll know how my life has been going, there for, this isn't needed, because my emotions are true this time, plain to see, for everyone, and I'm happy I could do it. I got to the goal of this blog, and with it accomplished, it is finished.

For those who kept up with this blog, you've known what I've been through, there is no need for it now, thank you for your concerns, comments and faith in me. I love you all for it.

This is natalie, publishing her last blog post, may the new year bring you happiness and keep you safe.