Saturday, June 27, 2009

a post on my gaia journal

"I've had this pit in my stomach feeling, like something just wasn't right.It's a feeling that is just so sad, it makes me want to cry.

However I dont know what it is, that is what is pissing me off so bad.I want to be happy, I really really do, but I just can't.worst part is, I kinda feel like shutting everyone out so I can think. But there are some people that I just can't do that to. but there are some that I just need out for the time being.

Some part of me is stuck on something.
Upset about something, and can't get rid of it.

And Im sure I'll feel like this next year...I guess a welcome to hell would work from the "devil" right about now.

Koromi Lala is now offline."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recent findings....

been a little time since I last blogged, I think its time for a good rant, I have a few new findings that bug me, so lets begin.


My visit to washington/maryland;

overall I guess it was pretty good, washington was a sight to behold, I wish I could have seen more. Alas it would take 50 years to look at everything, and I dont have that time.

Things on the homefront weren't so good.

I spent the 10 days worth with a close friend of mine

whenever she stays there, she complains about how bad it is.

to be honest, it isnt that bad.

Sure, the stepmom is a little bit of a neat-freak

yeah she has an annoying younger sister

okay, her dads a bit concerned about her.

But whats the problem with that really? I dont see anything to truely hate.

Plus I can see why her father is so concerned, she never leaves her room!

which let me tell you, can get tiring all in its own.

I mean, I like contact more than I let off sometimes, I thrive for people and attention (sounds sickening, bleh I digust myself sometimes)

all she does is sit on the computer, and Im here like "uhh, you can move the laptop DOWNSTAIRS, you know."

so many excuses she has, its crazy.

she doesnt really seem to care extremely about the twins (babies)

there is some emotion, just not alot of it, she says its cause she didnt want her father and stepmom to have children

what would the babies do?

Sure they change plans alot,but every baby does that.

Plus, it wasnt fair to her stepmom, who wanted to have children.

she didnt seem to like my visit very much, felt almost like the rest of her family liked me more than her.

that really hurts to be honest, almost like a waste of time.

Next up, british people!

I'v come to notice how NASTY british girls are to each other, good god I've never seen such disgusting people.

God bless megan for going through this strong, they are terrrible.

the thing I love reading most is,

"I hate girls, I just really do, can't stand them, fuck them all."

Oh wow really? Hate them that much? damn sugar, thats rough.

but uhh, how about you open you open your eyes.

point one. You complained about how they cause so much drama, but the ironic thing is, I've watched YOU cause drama, all the way here in the US!

point two. You talked about how you are more close to your male friends. You know, I see no problem in that, but here's the kicking line, quoted;

"I’m not joking when I say this, I mean it seriously. I don’t get why so many girls have a problem with me… So what I prefer to hang out with guys because I feel like I can get on with them better and they aren’t as bitchy? I’m sorry for not being who you want me to be, okay?"

the reason why loads of girls hate you sweetpea, is because you are a fucking bitch. You've chewed out my best friend for doing nothing, .N.O.T.H.I.N.G. you pick fights, you pick on people, and thats pretty low. but the only reason why you do it is because of how low you think of yourself, which is a bullshit excuse, I think low of myself and do go up to someone and go "hey, just so you know, I really hate your personality, it pisses me off, stop. KAYTHANKSBYE!"

Im proud of megan for pushing other friends away who were dirt, I just hope she can tell Miss little pole-up-her-ass to fuck off. if not, I'll do it gladly :]

Last little bit, won't be long.

I miss my friends :[ this next year is going to be tough without them.

I'm gonna be sad alot next year, I can feel it.

people whom I miss;

Jon, Megan, Greg, Jared, Micah, Michael, Kayla, Felicia, Jonathan, Patrick, Annie, Lily, Anne

well Im tired of my ranting, until next time.

Bai bai