Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who have you become?

I don't know you anymore, that face that seems so familiar, is now so distant.
I'm sick of those lies, sick of all of the memories that seem so long gone.
Just who are you now? Who have you turned into?
I'm tired of hearing, "I'm a new person, you'll get used to it."
No, I really don't think I will.

I do understand, that you can move to a place and be a new person.
Trust me, I get that.
But the person you've turned into, isn't the girl I knew.
Isn't the same best friend...

Are you proud of yourself?
The girl I knew, would be disgusted with your actions.
All of the cursing, partying, fuck like shit.
God that isn't her.
Never has been to me at least.

So I ask anything left of the best friend I had, the best friend I hope is still there.
Look at yourself and honestly say, you like what you see.
Look into those eyes, and say the truth.
And if the truth is, yes, I like this natalie, and I'm not changing.
Then look at me and see the tears, see the lost forgotten eyes of someone who doesn't recongnize you.

See the past as you used to love it,
and see that past, who fears for the present.

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