Monday, March 23, 2009

A favorite kind of desire...

Ughhh, I really hate this.
It's like I can't shake it, just can't let it go and get over it.
It drives me up a wall, and its so annoying.
But this want craves,
I just can't get enough of it, this feeling of not knowing for sure,
Yes or No.
Happiness or depression.
But part of me is just begging to know.
To know what the answer really, honestly is the truth.
IS it what I want, or what I fear to really be?
I can't stop feeling this,
It's such a mixed emotion,
So cruel to be exact,
Yet so blissful as well.
I guess I could explain this better like a drug.
Just that one time, and I can't get enough.
I want more,
So much more.
So much more, that I would fly higher than anything
But if I gave it up, I'd crash and burn.
I want that high, so bad.
But I have this sinking feeling,
that Im going to crash,
and get a hell of a case of the 3rd degree.

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