Tuesday, March 24, 2009

number rant x2

time to roll out the rants for a second time

1. well you just keep me on my toes. I have no idea what to think by this point, and let me tell you, its damn annoying. Thing is its not you, its how I'm feeling. That's why I wish I knew, so I could get over this, just know and go. Some part of thinks for the best, but the other part says Im being foolish. Ha, I think its funny how you put me at my best, but make me foolish at the same time. I want to know what to think pretty soon, but if worse comes to worst, I think I can wait, but there isnt a promise.

2. I want to thank you for being here for me, I don't think I could do this right now without you dude. We sit in the same boat, and I think we feel the same for people, we desire them but fear of what could be. I want you to find happiness soon, so go after one of the girls, things could go well :]


4. I hope things settle for you, you dont need all the crap you get. Maybe your issue will solve itself, or maybe moving is the answer. One thing I know is do what you think is right, its the only way you can be entirely happy.

5.I'm finding it easy to ignore you, stay away from the people I care about and that you dont need to know. Make your own damn friends, and by the way, if he is what you are after, go ahead you slut, because I wont give a shit.

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