Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm clean.

I've realized, that going clean was good.
Sure, I had my burns, but nothing as bad as I had originally thought.
I think, I'm okay.
And that, in and among itself, is great.
I no longer feel a weight on my shoulders.
No longer worrying,
No longer wondering.
I guess what makes me happy the most, is that there wasn't an end to anything.
But maybe, a beginning to something much better.
I want to wait some stuff out, give things some time.
Hopefully, things could go my way.
Although I don't know what way that is yet.
Oh well, I'm much happier now, more focused.
I'm no longer clouded.
I hope this year turns out to be great, so far, its gone pretty good.
I have these great friends, that I care for so much.
I really need them, more than they know honestly.
For awhile, all of my friends had moved, many had grown apart,
I felt alone.
But then things changed, without them, my life would be so dull.
Thank god they saved me.
I need to thank every single one of them, for making me realize,
that I have an amazing life.