Sunday, March 22, 2009

okay, friend numbers

its a good way to vent or say anythingI feel like saying in numbers, you wont know your number, you may not even be in it. but I dont say names, I just use them numbers. :P

I usually do 5 to 7 to 10

1. You need to back off, starting to really piss me off. Just to let you know I've never really liked you, nor do I think I ever will. I just be nice because I feel pressed to be. You whine about everything in your life and never take actual action to solve your problems, its getting real old, real fast. You use me to get to people and other things and that REALLY gets me, dont use me just to get what you want, its really retarded. Make your own friends. and by the way, the reason why you cant hold a guy for more than a few months is because you cheat, I dont want to hear the "I didnt mean to" anymore, thats crap and everyone knows it.

2. Wow, I have to say you are confusing me. I can't say if its a good or a bad thing. I get the feeling there's something there, but I'm not sure, and I dont want to act or ask. Plus it takes alot to confuse me this way. I don't know how to act yet, I'm going to sit it out and wait on you, but until then... But I guess its not the point. I've seen what things could be, and I really like it, I wish other people could see this with me.

3. I'm glad you disconnected, I feel free. for the first time in a long long time. It was at the right time, and I'm glad I had the courage to do that. I had a great time with you, I wanted to say that.

4. Hmmm, I don't quite get what to do with you yet, Maybe as with number 2 I shall wait and see? You don't confuse me as much, which is good, but is confusion what I'm wanting in the end? or a simple thing. I'm still caught in the middle.
OKAY number 4 you are keeping me on my toes, I know things now that could have just swayed my mind, but I wont know for sure yet. Because now I know what you might have in mind for me.

5. I hope on the inside you are okay, I'm worried about you. I understand the family problems, but is what you did really needed? You are so social and without that, how can it work? How will you communicate? I think you should have stayed, leaving will only ruin you more my dear, and you're one of those people I never see faulter.

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