Wednesday, April 1, 2009

many things

Keep me on my toes, every little thing makes me think,
I over think things sometimes, which can really suck.
I have no idea how I've been feeling recently, I've been thinking more and more.
I've been thinking about my future, and my past.
I hope the future is bright, I dream it.
All the time, but what do I dream?
I dream of a big house, in a city neighborhood,
I dream of coming home from a fast day at work, and having children happy to see me
I dream of a few of them, ones that love their mom
Ones that are happy to help make dinner with me, help as best they can, and each one of them have a different personality.
but that isnt the best part, its only part of the whole package
I see a husband coming home, and he's somewhat tired, but happy to see me.
And Im happy, really happy, but thats the later part of my future dreams

My closer future is also blissful
a small apartment
newly married, and all me and my husband do is laugh and be happy
we're happy, and so complete at that point,
I think Im in college in the dreams

My future dreams are always happy. I want them to be happy so bad.
I want that, more than anything
I want to be older
I want life to fast forward
I know I'm happy now, but what about the large amount later?

Oh I'm such a dreamer
such a hopeless romantic.

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