Tuesday, April 7, 2009

well, might as well do another number rant

please note that before you read this, that not all my rant are BAD. like I dont rant about how mad I am at someone all the time, infact I rant about how someone can be really nice, just clearing that up for some of you people reading thissss.
I'll do 4 today, Im tired lol

1. You make me pretty happy dude, I wont lie here :] Last night when were texting, it hadnt really hit me, but in english during the morning today it was like WHAM. In a good way though, dont get me wrong. It was hard to focus most of the day lol, and I spaced half the time, so I think a freaked more than a few people today. So I guess I'll ask you this, since Im terrible at shit like this, where do we go from here hmm? :]

2. You are what you are, and damn it I hate it when you are on meds at a festival. You can be a such a downer you know? It drives me crazyyyy Plus you seem a hell of a lot nicer when you arent, but I feel bad for complaining. Im really worried about you hun, and if you need someone to be there for you when he gets into big shit again, I'm here.

3. To be frank, you can be punched in the face. You do nothing to improve yourself. Way to go sweetheart, you are now more pathetic than anything I've ever seen.
Enough said about you bitch, you arent even worth the words and time.

4. Aww honey you need to move back, I miss you bunches D:
Next year I'll be so lonely and at the beginning of this year I was all alone, I miss you and my other girl so damn much.
You dont need to live with your family who can treat you like shit, you can live with me anytime.

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