Friday, April 3, 2009

ohhhhh gooodnesssss

Why are males so confusingggg?!
jesus christ I just dont understand, and I think I do a pretty damn good job at reading people.
but its like with some guys, there is NOTHING there!
like i can read their emotions yes, Im good at that,
but its like, when I try and figure out how they feel about me, i have no idea!
I'm thinking one thing and then that could something COMPLETELY different.
Good god its so damn confusing, natalie doesnt like it.
really doesnt like it, she hates being wrong.
I'd love to know if I'm right, but its so hard with these kind of things.
It's just about the one mind thing I can't configure.
Oh well, fuck it, might as well watch it play out.
*throws hands in air*
I give up.

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