Monday, April 27, 2009


lmao I didnt do this on facebook due to the fact that i have relatives.
anyway, enjoy. lol

Morning or Night : Oh night times, darkness rules >:D
Lights on or off : well as stated before, darkness rules
Touching or kissing : Both just one wouldnt be fun at all!
Giver or Receiver : I dont mind giving, but who doesnt love receiving?
Nice n slow or Rough n fast : Hmm well too rough would be painful, but too slow would be odd, so can it be nice and fast? well not like in the sence that the entire act would go by fast, wait...why am I explaining this?! xD
Scratching or tickling : you know when I think of sex, I dont think of tickling someone, I'm violent anyways.
Biting or kissing : Both ;P
Grabbing or caressing : Again, what fun would it be to just have one?
Loud or quiet : Oh hell loud, I'd be loud.
Drunk or sober : Sober, but I can see me having a drunken night stand. XD
Outside or inside : Inside, outside if I wasnt literally on the ground.
Standing up or laying down : laying down, good old-school.
Pain or pleasure : Pleasure, Im not a weirdo pain seeker o-o
A break or straight : what? *looks up* I dont know what that means... o-o
Under or on top of the covers : hmmm either
Clothes on or off : uhhh off? Im sorry but wearing all of your clothes would be uncomfortable, for you see, people get rather hot and bothered during sex.
Foreplay : Yes. lol.
Whipped Cream : Kinky, I'd do it.
FuDgE : Also kinky, and I'd do that aswell.
One night stand : Is it sad that I was voted by my friends at churchill that I'd be most likely to have a one night stand? Well me and bri tied... I think its sad. lol
Booty calls : No
Pillow biting : whoa there. calm down. xD
Long toe nails : what does that have to do with sex? "oh my god your toe nails are so...long..." " I know, just for you babe >;D!" I dont find it kinky at all!
Sex toys : o-o
Ashy elbows : whaaaaa?
Music : I wouldnt care, I wouldnt be listening to it. lol

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